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- Fun English - great.... we learn English at graveyard.

In the first time, I think learns English is so boring and difficult because I understand just a bit of English. When I was at junior till senior high school I feel I just little understand, In the back of my mind English is so complicated, the letter and pronunciation is different, and I must understand what the speaker says.
But now I really like and exited to learn English, someone motivated me to learn English hard, He is my teacher, even he can’t speak English and Indonesian, he has knew English and Indonesian just a bit because he is an Egyptian, He is my Arabic teacher. He said “you must know Arabic properly but in this time we’re in the third wave of revolution, you have to learn English to open your mind, the science and news are with English, don’t be fool of English !” I have been motivated because my teacher motivated students every time if he has got a class with us.
I struggle to improve my English by myself, I go to pare, Kediri. It’s a famous place to learn English, …